August 20

Last night was so awesome. Best night I had in a while. Rob took me to RockinWheel, it’s a concert put on in Mount Brydges and all the proceeds go towards spinal research. Bleeker Ridge and The Trews performed. I had front row view. I was right up against the fence. It was awesome. I even got a souvenir, The Trews set list sheet!

So I’m done my first year of college and it feels great. It’s flying by so fast! I’m in a 2 week break and then I start again september 4. On Friday I’m heading home with Rob for a week. Can’t wait to see everyone. We’re going ziplining :D. Mom and dad are also on holidays so we’ll be able to hang out with them.

I’m hung up on last night. Dan from Bleeker Ridge has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. His tattoos are awesome. I think I have a knew crush, can’t you tell? I wish I walked up to him when he was just 10 feet away from me. I was just too shy!

Until next time, people who actually read this, good night.

❤ *swoon*20120820-003913.jpg


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