Reasons I Can’t Sleep

1. If I move, what roads would I take to get to work?
2. It really sucks my mom was in the hospital and missed my graduation.
3. The Voice is starting next month. I’m excited.
4. Why do I let people walk over me?
5. Why can’t I sleep?
6. What if my alarm doesn’t go off?
7. I feel bloated and gross
8. My toe hurts
9. What song number is this?
10. My nose is running, I better not get sick.
11. I don’t want to keep asking my parents for money.
12. What if I move and it doesn’t work out?
13. What if I have to move back to Petawawa?
14. Why are guys dicks?
15. Guys PMS worse than girls do.
16. Fire truck ia going by.
17. I miss Baron & Roxy.
18. If I can’t sleep I will play on my phone and write out whats going through my head maybe that will help.
19. It’s not helping.
20. This blanket isn’t long enough.
21. I have to pee but I don’t want to get up.
22. I have to work at 8:30. I should be sleeping by now.
23. Why am I not able to fall asleep the nights before I work?
24. What should I wear tomorrow?
25. This love has taken its tole on me.. (maroon 5)
26. Sweet Colorado beat Ottawa.
27. Hey 27… my age this year….
28. Sigh.
29. My nose is running, im gonna be pissed if I get sick.
30. Why the fuck am I still awake?
31. FUCK
32. Brain, just shut up!
33. It’s bedtime!
34. 😦

And that’s not even half of what’s going on in my head right now.


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