April 14, 2015

Wow! I haven’t updated since November 2014….

Lots has happened… Where to start? (leaving some stuff out… )

  • got a new apartment
  • back down to relief hours instead of full time (not pleased)
  • i had a full on breakdown
  • i have been taken advantage of yet again
  • i like someone who put me in the friend zone (yup girls can be friend zoned too)
  • *someone* kept trying to message me and then i found out this someone went to MY friends

so some of this i will go into detail and others will just stay as vague bullets.

I just moved into a new apartment. My cousin enjoyed me living with her. Me being there put her at ease because of her health issues, I would be there in case something happened when her bf was gone. I looked after the dogs when they were gone, usual things you would do… but then her boyfriend thought that I was snooping in the house which i would never do. i didn’t even go in their bedroom when she was in there. i would stand in the doorway and talk to her from there. so he thought i was an invasion of privacy, that i was awkward, and too quiet.. um hello… too quiet? would you rather me have parties every night? you’re dumb, dude. besides i was giving you extra money every month! oh well your loss. and the nerve of the guy… on moving day he hid upstairs and didn’t even have the balls to help. he was afraid my family would yell at him. fuck you bud…

My friend, I like to call my adopted mother, back home told me that she and her boyfriend had a visitor a while ago… This pissed me the fuck off. It still does, my blood boils just thinking of it.. I’m not sure if you still read these or not here’s a message for you… leave me and my family alone. Yes they are my family. Leave them alone, don’t bring them into your bullshit of trying to talk to me again. You aren’t getting any more chances, you shouldn’t even have had the amount I gave you before! Yes I may be single for 3 yrs now, but i’d rather be single than put up with your bullshit anymore. I do not care if you think you went through what you put me through… go through it for 5 years THEN come tell me you did.. not a few fucking months… either way i wish i could say this to you in person, but i made a promise to myself i would never see you again because you are toxic. Leave me & my family alone.

On a brighter note…. well honestly I don’t have one right now. So I’m going to end this now before it gets worse.


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