Why I Finally Quit

What’s uuuup?

So I followed along with my plan but it was a month later than I previously mentiond. I quit October 16. I am currently unemployed but I am less stressed and not being verbally abused every shift. I wanted to wait until the end of October and have the 30th as my last day but something happened October 2nd that made me give my 2 weeks notice October 3.

A lot of it was building up to this moment: Not being supported at reception, lots of changes that no one told us about, clients were getting worse, and my boss was just lacking in manager skills.

Let me explain: With the bistro closing, the building was changed from a drop in centre to a by appt/group only kind of deal, which meant the staff who were on the main floor with me went away since they were no longer needed, which left me on the main floor alone with no back up. I worked at a Mental Health facility, there needs to be some mofo back up! Anyway, if I needed someone’s help I would have to email/call the person to come up and most times they would get annoyed and come up when they felt like it. The day before i gave my notice, one client came in 10 minutes before closing time and demanded I give him needles because he is “diabetic.” Well, I know he isn’t and he brags about getting high so I knew he just wanted to use them to get high, and I apologized and told him there were no nurses on staff right now and that I couldn’t give them to him. He then tried to punch me, he lunged at me full fist and i was able to move because he was so high that it was really slow. I called for back up and no one came. how fucking safe is that? thanks for coming to help when I almost got punched.. That was my last straw. I gave my notice and my boss was pissed that I was leaving. Another reason I left was because my hours were going to go down to relying on the new receptionist calling in sick and then i would get a call.. um how about no! from 35 hours a week to less than 25 to whenever someone is sick? no thanks, buh bye.

So yes, right now I am unemployed but I feel so much better and I’m not getting threatened daily, I don’t cry to and from work before and after every shift, I just… I’m slowly becoming me again. I think I may have cried 3 times since I left… but for other reasons, like I went home to visit everyone and I cried when I left because I miss them and the puppies. Another was when I was having a very anxious day, like my anxiety took over and I was worried about everything.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough for today… Time to play some more Lego Batman and apply for jobs… because that is what my life has come to right now haha not complaining!  it’s fun!


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